Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our Musical Presentation in Schools

In Schools


We have a wide variety of  instruments and most of these are played during our presentations, to demonstrate the variety of instrumentation that has been present at one time or another, here, including some more modern instruments to emphasise just how recently many of these appeared on the scene, like the modern day Bodhr√°n, Banjo, Concertina & Mandolin.

Schools find this programme profitable, as they feel it not only assists the musical development within their school, but also, can be of great benefit in the area of cross-community relations.

Adult groups find it very interesting & entertaining.

In relation to the Music Curriculum pupils will learn in an interactive way of the development of music in Ulster, in particular the similarities and differences between Scottish Traditional Music & Irish Traditional Music, as part of their shared cultural heritage and how present day music can be influenced by these developments. 

Children will also have a rare opportunity to see, and hear, a wide variety of musical instruments, learn of their construction and development, and be involved in learning to play simple rhythms together, to various musical pieces, as well as often using their own musical and dancing skills to perform in front of others.

Our costumes are authentic replicas of costumes of the period and are worn by us at various historical re-enactment activities throughout the year. We regularly perform at a variety of activities & events with the prestigious 'Irish Arms', who are responsible for authentic re-enactment events at various historical locations throughout Ireland each year, including the National Museum of Ireland, Film & TV work.

For two summers we provided, in costume, the historical musical element to the fascinating tours at the historical musuem - 'Dublinia'.


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